10 Right Ways to Teach Kids the Internet + 12 Lessons to Get You Started

The Internet is one of those technologies that entered our lives before parents and children were ready to face it. This technology, along with all the potential damage it can do, is a great platform for sharing human knowledge and experience. By teaching kids how to use this technology, they can be creative, curious, and empowered. To succeed in this regard, parents must first pay attention to the fact that their children should not be more familiar with the Internet and related tools than they are now.


But this does not mean that you are such an obstacle for children to learn in this field that they always know less than you; Instead, you should always strive to increase your knowledge from the Internet despite the bitterness that may be present due to the age and mental preoccupations of your learning; Because until you know what the Internet is and how to use it, you cannot be a good medium for your child to face the virtual world.

Teach your children how to use the Internet. Children under the age of 6 should always use the Internet with a parent. When you use the Internet with your child, calmly and carefully explain to him every step you take on the Internet, what happened and the steps you took. Explain to him how the search engine works and go to websites that are useful to him. The thing to watch out for is to always monitor their internet usage.

When your child goes to school, the Internet can be a good resource for his schoolwork. Here, he should think that not all content on the internet is necessarily true. For this, you can ask your child to search for a certain topic on the Internet and provide you with his information, and then together you can check their correctness in various sources, including the Internet itself.

Teach your children to use the Internet safely

One of the great features of the Internet is the ability to attract audiences of different age groups. A large number of Internet users are children and teens who spend many hours of their time using the Internet with great interest. The Internet can be a great place for children and teens to do useful activities such as education, entertainment, connecting with classmates, and other things.

The Internet, just like the real world, can be a dangerous place for children and teens. Do you teach our children how to use the Internet safely? Who is responsible for this? Undoubtedly, parents have an essential role in this relationship. Before allowing their children to use the Internet without special supervision, they should teach them the necessary set of rules and recommendations for using the Internet safely.

Always set rules at home for home internet use. Laws that determine the time and duration of Internet use and clarify prohibited uses of the Internet. It is very important for children to understand how important it is to maintain privacy online. Make him aware that using real identity on all sites and sending email can have risks. To do this, ask him what these risks are and what is the misuse of this information by others. Your child should know that anyone can operate under a false identity on the Internet and at the same time gain the trust of others for nefarious purposes. In fact, you must make your child aware of all the opportunities and threats that the internet has created for him with educational methods preferably research-based.

Other Tips

the child must also be made aware of the physical harm caused by constantly staring at the screen, sitting for a long time, using the mouse and typing without taking a break. media since childhood and took their education seriously; Because the physical injuries that may be inflicted on the child’s body at this age cannot be repaired.

The Internet cannot consider apart from the tools used to connect to it. Gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and computers can be used both online and offline. These tools user-oriented and the child can choose how to use them. He can watch movies both offline and online, play games, draw, write, go to different websites, get information, find virtual friends, and so on. Because of the variety of possible activities, working with these tools can be a great intellectual adventure for a child.

In fact, when a person is not fully involved in an activity, it is the activity that controls the person rather than the person controlling that activity. Therefore, if we look at new tools from the interaction dimension, we can teach our children that they can use their tools in different ways with this approach. The concept of interaction between these tools means that they give the user the power of control and emphasize the power of selectivity, which is actually the control of the machine. This is where you need to ask your question, “How appropriate is it for children to use these tools?” Let’s change and ask: How should children use these tools?

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In order to answer this question, important principles must be taken into account, which are as follows: the role of these activities in the child’s inner life, in the child’s external life, as well as in the development of his creativity. If we fully understand the three categories and understand their dimensions, we can be an expert parent to help our child in all educational areas. These three categories should be addressed in separate discussions. But what do you think of this? Have you ever thought about these categories and thought about their different dimensions in the lives of people of all ages?

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