10 scientific ways to develop children’s creativity

Are educational classes necessary to develop a child’s creativity? Scientific recommendations of a professor at the Massachusetts University of Technology to create an appropriate environment to enhance children’s creativity.

Every parent’s dream is to see their kids succeed. Most parents love to raise their children like Einstein, Beethoven, and Shakespeare. One solution to having such children is to create suitable conditions for the development of a child’s creativity, but knowledge about ways to develop a child’s creativity is usually low or even superficial. Most parents think that in order to have a creative child, they must take part in certain educational classes, but this is not necessarily the case.

If you want to learn about some scientific and practical solutions at the same time to have a creative child, Mr. Mitch Resnick, Professor at MIT University, has some practical recommendations for you. Stay with us for these solutions.

Creative child or outlaw? this is the problem

One of the misconceptions about nurturing a child’s creativity is that the child should be left free, in other words, one should not set limits for the child, as this will limit his creativity. Actually, this is not true. It makes sense that a child would have a more creative view of their surroundings due to their inquisitive nature, but everything is shaped like a frame. In this way, the child needs the support of his family and those around him. These factors will provide the right conditions for the development of the child’s creativity.

     “How long should I leave him free? Do I make a special rule for him? When should I listen to him? When should I ask him? When should I listen to his words?”

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An environment to nurture a child’s creativity

“How much freedom should I give my child? Should you make a special rule for your child? When should I listen to him? When do I ask him a question? When do I listen to my child’s words?”

Imagine your child is drawing in a corner of the house. If you are not next to him, he will still be immersed in the world of colors, but nevertheless, he needs your attention and support. The environment in which a child grows up has a great influence on the development of his talents. In fact, the main problem in developing a child’s creativity is not the teaching method; But the problem lies in creating a rich environment for the development of this skill.

In order to have such an environment, we need to get acquainted with the 5 aspects that are important for the development of a child’s creativity. The process in which the child chooses his or her next tasks first. He first imagines what he wants to do, then implements his imagination by playing with different tools and equipment, shares his ideas with others, and finally uses his experiences in his personal life. We suggest you get to know more about the spiral of creativity:

Child imagines

     It can be a blank sheet of paper or a canvas full of unspoken thoughts. Enough, give your child the opportunity to fantasize and develop children’s creativity. Let him draw whatever he wants. He may have no idea at first, but don’t despair. You can use sample graphics to get started. Put the drawing idea in front of him and ask him to draw it. Perhaps the child is just trying to copy the drawing. It’s okay to start with, but make sure your child doesn’t get in the habit of copying other people’s work. When your child draws a picture, ask him to bring his idea or opinion to the picture. Make any changes you want and turn the original design into a new idea.

It is recommended to use simple stationery items such as high-quality colored pencils in the early stages of developing a child’s creativity. Best Colored Pencils for Toddlers There are also types of oil-based pencils. It is very interesting to work with these products and their bright color will make the result very creative. Among the most popular colored pencils available in the market, we can mention the “36 Colors Rollerball Colored Pencil”. The cross section of these pencils is hexagonal. In this way, the health of the baby’s hands will be protected. At the end of the painting, you will have a white canvas with bright colored pencils, each part of which carries a deep meaning. To understand these meanings, it is enough to accompany your child’s creativity and to know the secret purpose of his drawing.

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From busyness to prosperity

Many people think that creativity is only mental work, but this process is not limited to the mind, and hands also play an important role in the development of a child’s creativity. Let your child mess around with different things. So encourage him to do so. This work may seem aimless, but it can be the basis for generating ideas for your child. Of course, it is recommended to clean the environment again after completing the work, in cooperation with the child. In this way, the child also learns discipline.

Lego is a good example. Exactly at that moment when a child is messing around with Lego pieces, he can get a new idea. An idea that, if you have enough time, can help develop a child’s creativity. In addition to all kinds of Lego toys, finger paints are also non-uniform games that leave children’s hands open to ideas. You can provide your child with all the necessary tools for creating ideas by purchasing the “Aria 6 Colors Finger Paint Tool with Roller Tool and Model Tube”. Having equipment such as foam beads, rollers, and paint rollers helps develop a child’s creativity and introduces them to different ways of playing and creating ideas. So that after a few days the child can use these methods in his daily life. As a result, you can cultivate your child’s creativity in a completely practical way and multiply your child’s genius.

The child begins to create

Appropriate tools, a way to develop a child’s creativity

Babies are fascinated with the toys, gadgets and things around them. If you want your child to be involved in creative activities, make sure that he has different kinds of drawing tools, crafts, etc. In the age of robots and 3D printers, ordinary tools may not get much attention, but these tools are essential for developing a child’s creativity. Some popsicle sticks may not look like a special tool, but they can greatly stimulate a child’s creativity.

  Mrs. Sadeghi, the child’s robotics teacher, is not satisfied with her daughter’s use of very simple tools in making crafts. She would like her daughter to work more with digital gadgets and computers, but the truth is that these simple and even disposable tools are much more important for the development of a child’s creativity.

Each device has its own use. For example, hot glue and masking tape are suitable for sticking paper and other things, or for drawing, costumes, and colored markers. The more variety of tools, the more open the child’s mind is to create new things. Little Tailor Brand has provided your child with all the simple and essential tools for making creative crafts. In this way, you can provide your child with simple and safe tools such as plastic thread and needle, magnetic button, glue, piece of cloth, etc., by purchasing toys such as “Little Sewing Kit” in addition to the development of the child. Creativity, enhancing his manipulation skills as well. To order the products of the little tailor, it is enough to go to the Arialand website and choose the product you like.

Be open to any kind of creativity.

Respect children’s interests. Some kids like to build things with Lego. Some of them with clay or dough build houses and sculptures, and some entertain themselves by writing poems and stories. Acknowledge their taste. You can also encourage them to do things together to learn how to create different things creatively using materials and even ideas. The ‘Aria Creativity Collection’ is designed and marketed with similar goals. This product is a complete set of all kinds of stationery and creative tools that will introduce the child to different drawing techniques and different concepts such as color, size, texture, etc. Also, do not worry about the health of the product and the health of your child. All Aria products are prepared from high-quality, non-toxic raw materials, and their use prevents all kinds of allergies in children. Also, the affordable price of this set, along with its high quality, will make buying this amazing set affordable for everyone. This stationery set consists of 75 pieces, the details of which are as follows:

  •      Finger paint 6 colors
  •      gouache colors
  •      8 pieces of aria dough
  •      6 colored pencils
  •      color palette
  •      Mo pen
  •      stencil
  •      Snakes and ladders game
  •      5 plastic moulds
  •      scissors
  •      cylinder
  •      3 play dough tools

Children play to learn

The process is more important than the result.

In the development of a child’s creativity, it is very important to do accurate and appropriate steps. Therefore, do not be constantly involved in the product or the result of your child’s work. Let him run freely. In fact, what is important is the child’s efforts and his involvement in various issues. In other words, does it matter which method or solution he uses to make something? How long does he spend thinking and trying? How to deal with the mistakes and experiences of the past? All of this is more important than what he ultimately builds.

Give the child enough time

Do not limit children to a specific time. Tasks that require ideas and creativity usually require more time. You can set a short time frame for your child and give them a break between tasks so they don’t get tired. Children’s time in school is usually around 50 minutes. You can reduce or increase this amount depending on the age of your child.

Children must learn to exchange ideas.

Be a mediator for children’s communication

Children must learn to think together and act in a group. Often, they do not know how to communicate with others and use their ideas and opinions. You can bring them together as a link and teach them how to interact and work in a group.

Idea management

Many children love to come up with ideas and implement them, but do not know how? You can help them as a manager. Ask them to name whatever comes to their mind and then teach them how to implement their ideas. Even as a manager, you can teach children different strategies so that they can implement their ideas on their own.

Children should review their work

Ask the right questions

The child has an idea and implements it. But asking him the right questions can be very helpful in organizing his thoughts. For our example, we examine two important and effective questions together.

How did you come up with this idea?

This question is very valuable because asking this question makes the child look back and check the path they took in their mind to get to this idea. This examination of the thinking process gives coherence to the child’s perspective and strategies.

What excites you about this idea so much?

This question is usually asked when a child is having trouble implementing his idea. This question can be asked in another way. Ask him why he wants to do this. Asking this question usually causes the child to review the steps they have taken. As a result, he realizes his mistake and corrects it. The child must learn that in order to solve a problem, he must constantly check and check the steps, find the error and the problem.

Let the children know your thoughts

Most parents don’t let their kids know their thoughts. By the way, when your child knows how difficult the thought process is for you as an adult, he can easily take on the challenges of the problem. Let them know your way of thinking, the solutions you have for solving problems, and even your feelings and emotions about your ideas. This is the best gift you can give your child.

When you solve a problem or do a mental task, let your child sit next to you. Tell him how you think. Talk to him about the techniques you have in mind, your strategies, and even the way you set your goals. This way, he understands your way of thinking and the challenges you face.


The main thing is that effective ways to develop a child’s creativity are inexhaustible. In order for this cycle to realize its effectiveness, it must be repeated continuously and not be limited to a specific period.

But don’t forget one thing. Not all children in society are destined to become geniuses. Creativity does not necessarily mean genius and dreamy accomplishments. It is enough that our child’s way of looking at problems goes deeper and he can provide creative solutions to problems. In order to develop your child’s creativity, try to recognize his abilities and do not demand anything from him that is not within the limits of his mental and physical ability. Because the possibility of developing a child’s creativity in these conditions reaches its lowest level.

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