19 ideas for children’s games at home

It is very difficult to keep children active without games at home, but sometimes we have no choice but to entertain them and prevent them from going outside. For this reason, it is best to find out fun games to keep them entertained. Some children’s games, in addition to making time at home sweeter for children, also strengthen their mental and physical skills. Playing at home is much easier for parents and children than spending time playing and having fun outside, and being at home can be very exciting and fun. If you are looking to play at home with simple equipment, then this article may be of great help to you.

In this article, we will introduce you to all kinds of children’s games at home.

Providing the best children’s toys at home

High-energy kids are always looking forward to playing in an open environment with their friends. But this request cannot always be fulfilled. For this reason, it is essential for parents to know some games for children at home so that they can be offered to their children if necessary.

Conscientious parents are always looking for useful and multifaceted games for their children to not only entertain their children but also strengthen their intelligence and skills. Among the best children’s games at home, the following can be mentioned:

1. Performing the play

Because of their high imagination, kids always imagine themselves in the role of their favorite characters. You can take advantage of their interest in this field and suggest that they put on a play.

In this children’s game at home, you can also participate and play the role of one of the characters or just be a spectator and the other characters are fictional. This game is suitable for children over 5 years old who are able to make up stories.

2. Playing with shadows

Darkness is always a scary situation for children, but playing with shadows can make them more familiar with this situation. This kids game mostly played at home at night, but you can also play it with shadows formed in the sun.

In this game, ask the child to make different shapes with his own hands and small toys that are meaningful and speaking in place of these figures. This game will greatly enhance your beloved child’s creativity and imagination, and children over 5 years old will greatly appreciate it.

3. Telling stories with puppets

Storytelling is a children’s home game that children loved in the past. In this game, the child has to make a beautiful story using the toys and toys he has and tell it to others. You can use these puppets to direct the story or just to be a good listener and encourager.

4. Exercise at home

If you are looking for a good game to release your child’s high energy, don’t neglect exercise. Cycling, skating, and running are popular outdoor sports for kids. But if you have to stay at home and you have the possibility to play active games at home, it is better to do sports like yoga for kids and fun sports like plank movement, squat and butterfly.

Of course, in order for your child to show more interest in this children’s game at home, it is better to do these sports yourself and make the game space competitive.

5. Bowling

Playing indoors for kids can be more exciting than playing outside, especially if it increases their enthusiasm. You can design a bowling alley using disposable cups or soda bottles and a small ball to keep the kids occupied for a few hours at home.

This game has a great effect on hand-eye coordination and strengthens children’s aim. Bowling is suitable for ages 6 and up and is fun even for adults.

6. Trampoline

Today, many parents are looking for children’s toys at home so that toy manufacturers produce most of their products for the small environment of homes. Now there is a small trampoline for one person that kids can play at home and jump up and down without making too much noise.

This dynamic game in the house is very exciting and can drain all the energy of the kids. It should be noted that in order to prevent any mishap, this game should offered to children over 6 years of age who have the ability to maintain their balance while jumping.

7. Lego brain game

Lego or building a house an attractive intellectual game for children that has a great impact on children’s creativity and produced in a wide variety today. Kids can build houses, cities, and all sorts of geometric shapes with Lego toys, Chinese structures, Chinese pins, and other similar engineering sets. One of the benefits of playing Lego is strengthening speech and language skills. Playing with these toys is endless and never loses its charm due to the ability to create all kinds of different shapes.

8. Memory game with colors

On several pieces of paper of the same shape, draw from 4 to 8 different colors and place them next to each other in the order you want. Give the child a few moments to remember this arrangement. Gather the sheets and ask him to arrange the colors next to each other in the same order as before.

This children’s game at home has a great effect in strengthening the child’s memory and you can teach him new colors in this way.

9. Throwing a ping pong ball

If you are looking for a children’s game in the house that most children will appreciate, do not overlook the target ping pong ball game. For this, put some glasses at a distance and ask your child to throw ping pong balls into the glasses.

You can make the game more difficult by placing the balls at a lower height or using glasses with a smaller aperture to make it attractive to the whole family. This game increases hand-eye coordination and is suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

10. Transfer of eggs

Place a plastic egg on a disposable spoon and place it in your child’s mouth. Ask him to throw the egg into a certain container a few meters away without it falling off the spoon. The use of hands prohibited in this game and the child must be able to establish good coordination between the muscles of the mouth and the legs.

This kids game at home does not make much noise and does not require much movement from the child but requires high concentration so that the eggs reach their destination without falling to the ground.

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11. Making the mask

Body painting is one of the exciting games for children, and it is not recommended because of the presence of chemicals in lures and other colored supplies. However, by having an apparent divorce, this need for children can be satisfied. To prepare this children’s game at home, you have to cut divorces to the size of the child’s face and pass an elastic on its sides so that he can put it on his face.

It is best to make two small holes on the divorce near the nostrils to facilitate breathing. Allow the child to draw attractive drawings on the divorces, such as the face of a lion, leopard, rabbit, or any shape he likes, and make himself a beautiful face mask. This game is also suitable for girls who like to do makeup at home.

12 . Painting on canvas

Although drawing and coloring with colored pencils is always attractive for kids; But painting on gouache or watercolor is more attractive to them because of the difference in the method of drawing. By painting with gouache and watercolor, there is no limit to the use of colors and new ones are produced. For this reason, children’s creativity will flourish to a great extent. Also, in this method of drawing, children’s weak hands will not tired quickly and will continue to draw for a longer period of time.

Presenting 7 home game ideas for children with simple tools

Playing at home with simple and low-cost equipment is one of the best children’s games at home, which, although fun, can create happy times for children and can also help parents have fun times indoors and in facing challenges. Having a list of games that can easily played at home can be very effective in preventing children from getting bored. In this text, we have provided some games at home with simple equipment for you.

13. House building

Children always strive to be independent from the family and try to experience this by building a small house in their room. It might not be a bad idea as a house game for kids to let them build a house with the supplies they have in their room and some blankets and blankets and live in it for a few hours.

14. Playing with music

This baby game at home only needs soft music and until the music is heard, the baby can move around and make different shapes. Once the music stops, the child should be completely still in the same shape it was supposed to be in and not move from its place. By hearing the song again, the child is allowed to take on another form. This game increases coordination among deaf and hard-of-hearing members and can be very fun to play in groups.

15. Playing with pillows

Put some pillows of suitable height on the floor at a small distance and ask your child to walk all the way across the pillows without putting his foot on the floor. This kids game at home can be made more attractive by placing some hurdles and pillows with a higher height.

This game is suggested to be played with children over 6 years of age who have more balance and make it very simple and limited for younger children.

16. Lee Lee

Li Li was one of the popular children’s games in the past, which was played by drawing chalk on the ground of the alley and a piece of stone. Nowadays, when it is more common for children to play at home, these ancient games are played less. You can make the same li-li houses on ceramics using some colored glue and teach your child to use a ball of fabric.

In addition to strengthening balance and leg muscles, this game increases hand-eye coordination and is suitable for children 6 years and older.

17. Memory game with animals

Teaching the names of animals to children is always a difficult and challenging task for parents, because most of these animals have not been seen or known by children. Fortunately, having dolls of these animals has made it easier for parents. You can take a step further in this direction and make a children’s game with them at home.

In this game, you introduce the animals to the child and arrange them in a row in front of the child. Then ask him to close his eyes to remove one of the dolls. After opening his eyes, ask him to tell you which animal was turned away and if necessary, help him by imitating the animal’s voice or describing its appearance.

In addition to strengthening memory, this children’s game at home also increases children’s motivation and interest in memorizing animal names. This game for kids at home can be helpful in learning animal names in English and teaching numbers.

18. Build the tower

If you are looking for a kids game at home that will keep your child as calm and peaceful as possible, then building a tower is one of the best games for you. In this game, you need several pieces of the same flat thing that can be placed on top of each other.

Ask your child to put all these pieces on top of each other and make a tower. Dropping game pieces on the ground means losing and you have to start over. This game is suitable for children aged 5 years and over and because of the need for high concentration, it is a children’s game at home without noise.

19. Playing balls

Marbles are a children’s game in the house that does not cause much noise and destruction. You can teach your child how to hit the balls with his finger and ask him to bring the balls to the gate you mark with three or more moves. This game is suitable for children aged 6 and up, and younger children can eat the marbles.

Keep in mind this important point that after a day full of activity and active games at home, children at the end of the day need rest and adequate sleep more than anything else. What is important is to provide a comfortable environment for children. A suitable sleeping space for children requires proper ventilation, a clean and quiet environment, and adequate lighting. So, by purchasing a 3D night light online, you can make the bedroom space fun for the kids. Adequate and good sleep prepares your beloved child with vigor and energy for a new day

The last word

Playing at home for kids is one of the challenges parents face most of the time, especially those who work and don’t have much time for outdoor activities. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to prepare a list of ideas for children’s games at home so that you can do useful and fun activities when you are at home with children.

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