4 reasons babies toss and turn in their sleep and how to fix it quickly

Babies may roll over frequently during sleep. This condition may have various causes that we mention in this article. Below, you’ll learn the four causes of babies tossing and turning in their sleep and how to deal with it quickly.


In previous articles, we taught you all about normal and healthy baby sleep. Regular and sufficient sleep plays an important role in the development and upbringing of children. In fact, children can only relax through a good sleep. Sleeping next to the mother doubles this peace in them. But sometimes babies roll over in their sleep unintentionally, which upsets them and worries the parents. For this reason, we want to give you the remedy for this problem so that you can solve this problem in your child with full knowledge.

Why do some babies get anxious and keep rolling over?

The most important reasons for babies tossing and turning in their sleep:

Sleep disorders are certainly more common among boys than girls. This is due to the many pranks they do during the day. Sleep disorders can have many symptoms, including: snoring, excessive sweating, wheezing, snoring, excessive sweating, panic and jumping out of sleep, jumping on limbs, walking, crying, and rolling. Each of these signs has its own causes that must be investigated. But what could really be the cause of toddlers falling?

Baby tossing and turning may occur due to the following factors in babies. You can eliminate or reduce this problem in your baby by examining each of these causes.

1- The influence of environmental factors:

Environmental factors affect children’s sleep in different ways, including the following.

  •      Unsuitable and uncomfortable mattress
  •      Being in a foreign environment (change of sleeping place).
  •      temperature (such as extreme heat and cold)
  •      Light (such as being in a very dark or very bright environment)
  •      Congestion (eg coughing, talking, others snoring, etc.)

Sometimes unfavorable environmental conditions such as temperature, noise and light in the room disturb the baby’s comfort. For example, they say a child’s room should be over 30 degrees Celsius because he could throw his blanket over and catch a cold. While this temperature is not ideal and the baby becomes restless due to the heat of the room and cannot sleep well. The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 24 and 21 degrees Celsius.

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2- Private way of life:

Try to provide for the type and way of life of children in a principled and correct manner. The important points to pay attention to in this section are:

  •       special diet
  •      Irregular sleep hours
  •      Thirst and hunger
  •      Consumption of stimulants such as caffeine, drugs, nicotine, etc.

The reason for some of these inadequate conditions is that we are old. Some of the wrong behaviors and beliefs of parents can disrupt the order and peace of children’s sleep; For example, a mother may respond to each baby’s crying by breastfeeding or cuddling. Also, parents should not use nicotine in any form because it disturbs the sleep of infants and children.

3- Psychological factors affecting sleep:

  •      Mental illness
  •      emotions
  •      nightmare
  •       Anxiety and anxiety
  •      Browse daily life events at night

One of the most important causes of sleep disorders in children is psychological factors that parents should pay special attention to.

Rolling baby treatment:

≡ The first step is not to pay too much attention to the child in these situations until he thinks his behavior is abnormal or he has to do it again to get your attention.

Keep difficult and dangerous things away from him and pay attention to the issue of how long the child is awake before bedtime. If this problem is too big, take it to a professional.

≡ If you can sleep your baby on his side, this is much better, but if he rolls over a lot, there is no need to worry because it may be due to the heat of the air or because he covers a lot of sleeping time and his clothes confuse him and he turns around. You can take your child to the pediatrician to check his sleep condition.

≡ Children who suffer from daytime sleepiness. They should eat their dinner early, and also children who sleep restlessly and toss and turn may suffer from indigestion. These children should eat a light dinner at least three hours before bedtime. Children who are sleepy during the day. They should eat their dinner early and avoid overeating and eating heavy foods during dinner.


Sometimes underlying diseases such as reflux of the contents of the esophagus into the stomach, otitis media, various pains, infant colic, asthma, allergies (including milk) etc. are the cause of the child’s restlessness during sleep. Try to find the cause of this problem in your child and think of a solution to solve this problem.

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