Best way to teach life skills to kids

Do you think the aunt game is just a fun game? Do you think this game has no effect on your kids body and mind? What do you know about the advantages of games suitable for playing aunt? Is it enough to pay attention only to the color and shape of the toy? It is better to know that despite people’s idea that playing auntie is a simple hobby, this imitation game helps to develop the child’s personality and ensures his mental health in adulthood. Also, playing with friends and dolls drains the child’s energy and treats his anxiety disorder. In this article, we first try to describe the rules of the game and tell you about the benefits of this game. In the end, we also present a guide to buying games for your aunt. So stay with us.

What is the aunt’s game?

We are all familiar with the word auntie game and have played this relatively simple game in our childhood. This game is one of the oldest children’s games and it is played all over the world in a consistent manner. This game is placed in the category of pretend games and has a general rule. In this game, children must form a family together and each must play the role of a member. In this way, during the game, the child tries to play well the role of mother, father, brother or sister and show the character of these people.

Although it is believed that the aunt game is more suitable for girls, in fact, boys also have a special interest in this game. Therefore, regardless of gender, all children can participate in playing aunty and benefit from its many benefits.

What are the methods of cheating?

As said, the aunt game only has one general rule. Kids can play this game with each other or with their dolls and pretend to be mom, dad, or kids. In this game, children rely on their creativity to start a dramatic story and follow it according to their knowledge of the surrounding environment. Because of this, children play many other roles such as jobs, friends, and acquaintances throughout the story. Therefore, it can be said that children get to know different types of jobs and characters during the game. The “doctor’s game” is one of the most popular imitation games that introduce children to the duties of this job.

What are the benefits of imitation games like my aunt playing for a child?

Do you want your child to spend some time in an educational game? If your answer is yes, then read the contents of this section carefully. In this section, we present one of the most valuable kids games. Because playing my aunty’s game teaches a child a lot of personal and social skills. Among the main advantages of imitation games such as aunt games are the following:

Does the aunt’s play increase my child’s understanding?

While playing with the doll, the kids tells him his heart’s desires and desires. Perhaps even during the game, the aunt will explain the expectations of others for the doll. In this way, it can be said that this imitation game plays a very effective role in the child’s understanding of life issues. Also, when playing with a doll, the child assumes the role of his parents and repeats their bodily movements. In this way, the child becomes aware of the capabilities of his body parts.

How does the aunt play to strengthen the child’s self-confidence?

The doll is known as one of the best friends of the child who always listens to him and never gets tired of playing with the child. This close friend never fixes a child’s language problems or discourages a child from continuing the conversation. Therefore, it can be said that during the game of aunt, the child establishes a very deep relationship with the doll and expands his personality from a social point of view. Experts have found that playing with dolls during childhood increases a kids self-confidence in adulthood and improves the quality of their relationships with others.

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Do you know the play of imagining the life experiences of the child?

In general, it can be said that play is one of the best ways for a child to experience the universe. The child presents himself as an independent and strong person while working with various game tools such as children’s play equipment, children’s kitchen, etc. He also learns things his parents and school don’t care about during the game.

How does the aunt’s play ensure the child’s mental development?

Experts have found that, in addition to the psychological effects, play plays an active role in the development of the child’s brain from a physiological point of view. During the game, children understand basic and mental concepts like area, shape, number, etc., and use them frequently. Imitation games also increase the quality of children’s feelings. These games also develop the child’s imagination and multiply the power of his initiative.

What is the role of aunt play in play therapy?

Most psychologists suggest simulation games to treat children’s emotional problems. They believe that imitation games are a means of communication for children. In this way, imitation games provide a suitable platform for children to honestly express their feelings, emotions, mental problems, etc., and prepare for the treatment process. Therefore, if your child remains silent when expressing his problems and frustrations, you can use pretend games to solve his mental and emotional problems. In this way, you can raise healthy children and protect the future generation from mental, psychological, social, and other problems.

What points should be paid attention to while playing with the child?

Many busy parents buy toys for the sole purpose of entertaining their children. They leave the child alone with toys and games while they play. If you are one of these people, you better know that playing with children helps to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your child. Also, parents go back to their childhood while playing with their children and awakening their inner child. One of the best suggestions for playing with your children is to set up a large children’s kitchen. With this game, parents can join their kids while they play and teach them the activities in the kitchen.

If you are planning to join your child during the game and play the role of a certain character, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not impose your desires on children during the game.
  • Do not point out the child’s mistakes while playing. Negative sentences like “The lady doll doesn’t do that” have a destructive effect on the child and he loses interest in his favorite doll.
  • Respect your child’s dolls because they are part of your child’s personality.

What are the important tips for buying games?

Confused when buying games from Arialand online store? Do you know the important features of the right game? In this section we answer these questions. In general, it is best to pay attention to the following points when purchasing games:

What kind of games does my child like?

Pay attention to your child’s interests. Children usually play the roles they like best during imitation games. For example, if your child spends most of his time cooking while playing, you can choose a toy kitchen for him. Or, if your child works as more of a salesperson, you can purchase a playset at the store.

Is this product safe enough?

Standard toys are made of safe, light and integrated materials. For example, to ensure the safety of the children’s kitchen, you can choose a children’s wooden kitchen or a children’s plastic kitchen.

Is the game size appropriate for my child’s age?

When buying toys, you should pay attention to the age of the child. In general, normal-sized toys are appropriate for children under the age of six. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a game set of larger dimensions for primary school children. For example, a large children’s kitchen will be suitable for children over six years old.

What are the most popular game combinations?

Environmental games should well recreate children’s favorite space. For this reason, these products are produced and marketed as a complete set. Such as a set of children’s home accessories that provide children with many details. Below, we present some of the most popular combinations of games.

Kitchen set for girls

The kitchen set is sold as one of the most popular toys. This product has many details and includes gas stove, sink, kitchen table and chair. Also, in some cases, it includes cooking utensils such as pots, spoons, spatulas, forks, glasses, glasses, teapots, ladles, etc. It is interesting that young children love to play in the children’s kitchen and hide their things in its cupboards. The purpose of this product is to help the child play a role and greatly expand the child’s imagination. Also, for the production of its products, Zarin Toys adheres to all safety rules and produces its products using the highest quality and most hygienic types of plastic. The following items of equipment of this kitchen set can be mentioned:

  •      Two pots
  •      4 large dishes
  •      4 small plates
  •      4 pairs of spoons and forks
  •      4 knives
  •      4 cups
  •      spoon
  •      scoop
  •      water BOT
  •      Safes
  •      Gas

Children’s playground equipment

This game collection is divided into the following groups based on usage:

These products include examples of electrical appliances such as irons, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, cleaning kits, and washing machines. It is interesting to know that children love these toys to be practical. So it is better to buy products that emit sound, light or have the ability to move while playing.

The dressing table is one of the other home appliances for kids that have different types. Many of these products include makeup tables, hair dryers, chairs, and makeup tools. When playing with the make-up table, the babies imagine themselves in the place of their mother and use the make-up tools. It is recommended to pay attention to the quality and health of cosmetics when purchasing. These items must be completely natural and no chemicals have been used in their formulation. It is also best to watch your children while they are playing so that they do not hurt themselves.


As you have seen in this article, Aunt Game is not just a simple and useless game. This traditional game has many psychological and physical effects that can strengthen the child’s self-confidence and prevent mental problems. We also mentioned that if you want to join your child during play, you must be very careful about how you handle the child and his doll. We have also provided some of the most popular toy collections that you can use to buy toys for your kids. Thank you for being with us. Please help us provide better content by sending us your feedback and experiences.

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