Choosing the Best School for Your Child: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Parents and child visiting a school campus and meeting with teachers and staff

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child is choosing the right school. Whether you’re looking for a preschool, elementary school, or high school, selecting a school that meets your child’s needs can set them up for success. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming … Read more

Types of Anxiety among primary school children and its impact on the child and 10 home remedies

Types of anxiety among primary school children and its impact on the child and 10 home remedies

When children cannot overcome the fears and anxiety common to young children, or when they are so afraid that it prevents them from going to school, playing sports, or generally doing all their daily activities, they may have an anxiety disorder. In elementary school children, mild to moderate levels of anxiety and distress may occur … Read more

Student Stressors and 12 ways to reduce stress

Student Stressors and 12 ways to reduce stress

Those who think students are exempt from stress may need to think again. Although the student period seems to be happy and full of happiness, students and adolescents going to school and the atmosphere of competition can be a source of many problems, including peer pressure, exam pressure, bullying and coercion by friends and many … Read more

18 ways to teach responsibility to children during school + benefits

School is a child’s second home. Students spend a large part of their lives in schools (regardless of what their parents teach them at home). Teaching children responsibility in the classroom is very important. By teaching kids responsibility in the classroom, you are actually teaching them to be responsible at home and in the community … Read more

How do we help our children find friends?

Now, after the recent unknown events and the Corona epidemic, the social world of our children is expanding and returning to its previous normal state, and parents are thinking about how to help their young children make friends in the environment. Prepare outside. To be honest, this situation can be very difficult for children and … Read more

Virtual Mathematics Education

Nowadays, all teachers are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning in the virtual space. Perhaps at first glance, teaching in the virtual space seems like an easy task, but this does not apply to all subjects and the method of teaching every subject is different. Virtual mathematics instruction is one … Read more