5 causes of snoring in children, dangerous symptoms, and 5 effective home remedies

Children frequently experience the issue of snoring, which can sometimes be brought on by an underdeveloped respiratory system. Because the newborn’s nasal cavity is so small, extra mucus or dryness in the nose might make the baby snore. Some children’s muscles, notably those in their necks, relax while they sleep, pressing against the back wall … Read more

6 Causes of Infant Fever, Dangerous Symptoms, and 12 Effective Treatment Methods

The average human body temperature is 37 °C. A fever sets in if the body temperature increases above this mark. Fever-related symptoms in children include body and forehead heat, lethargy, weariness, and mood instability. Infants and children who have fevers that cannot be controlled develop seizures and brain abnormalities. Infantile fever should be treated and … Read more