5 ways to Raise a child who loves science

My three children are scientists by nature. They are full of questions, always wondering how things work, and excited to watch a little ant carry a piece of food. When my daughter, Stella, started kindergarten, she was shocked to learn that her class only studied science for one hour a week. When I looked up … Read more

Raising a polite and obedient child with 12 effective scientific methods

It seems that raising well-mannered and polite children is a bit difficult in today’s world. Digital communication has created certain literary moods, and things like formal greetings, thanking others, and common salutations are almost outdated. But still, human beings interact personally and must learn the correct ways of communicating from childhood. Good manners are very … Read more

7 ways to raise geniuses for Parents with genius kids

Parenting is an interesting yet challenging job. All parents want to give the best for their children, but sometimes things don’t go as expected. Indeed, some parents do not realize that wrong solutions prevent their children from growing and being raised properly. The following article is based on neuroscience and psychology research and will help … Read more

The importance of storytelling to children: The impact of stories on children’s development

Do you know the critical importance of storytelling to your child? Stories for children is the most important known tool for their mental development. Many parents who read stories to their children today (or not) may have heard this lullaby broadcast on the radio after a bedtime story when they were children. While experts and … Read more