Games to strengthen the auditory and visual memory of children

Strengthening children’s visual and auditory memory in today’s world has attracted the attention of many parents. Many parents want to know how to increase their children’s memory through playing? What is the relationship between learning and play? What are the appropriate games to strengthen the auditory and visual memory of children? Or what are the ways to identify children’s weak memory?

The game is an effective learning method that indirectly and in an enjoyable atmosphere provides the basis for teaching and strengthening children’s skills. In this article, we will study the importance of children’s visual and auditory memory and the practical and appropriate ways to strengthen it.

Memory types

Before the introduction of games to strengthen children’s auditory and visual memory; It is necessary to know what visual or auditory memory is and what it is used for. First, we will focus on visual memory, then auditory memory, and finally, we will introduce game types to strengthen visual and auditory skills.

What is visual memory?

Visual memory is the ability to remember everything that a person sees with his eyes. Such as pictures, shapes, colors, etc. Indeed, when a child remembers that, for example, he went to the park yesterday and remembers the details of what he saw, he uses his visual memory. Knowing this memory correctly has a positive effect on strengthening children’s visual and auditory memory.

The visual short and long-term memory

Visual memory is divided into two types of visual short-term memory and visual long-term memory. Visual short-term memory is used in everyday life.

It is also used when recalling old information or visual memories from the distant past. Do you remember the photo of the elementary school in which you studied ?! So you must have a good visual memory! There is no doubt that strengthening the auditory and visual memory of children at an early age helps them remember their memories in middle and old age.

Diagnosis of the level of visual memory of the child

If you have been following the subject of auditory and visual memory boosters for children, you must have encountered various questions in your mind. He may be asked how to notice a weakness or problem in your child’s visual memory? Certain symptoms appear on a child who suffers from poor visual memory. Among them is that the child:

  •       I can’t remember words and pictures easily.
  •       Difficulty with math skills.
  •       Weak in recognizing numbers and letters.
  •       Difficulty pronouncing words correctly.
  •       There are many misspellings. He often writes the lyrics in a jumbled manner; She is slow to write.

7 games to strengthen visual skills

The game is one of the coolest ways to solve all kinds of children’s memory problems. For this reason, it is very important to know games to strengthen children’s visual and auditory memory. In the following article, we mention some games to improve children’s visual skills.

1. An upside-down mind game

Intellectual Upside Down is a board game. This game helps to increase children’s visual skills, thinking and concentration. Your child should be able to stack the pieces of this game. without losing his balance.

2. Mental reaction game

Educational reaction game is a good opportunity to exercise, release energy and most importantly to strengthen children’s visual skills. Because hand-eye coordination is the most important thing in this amazing game.

This game consists of several pieces, a playing field and a cache. Whoever can place their pieces on the opponent’s field first with a draw is the winner.

3. The intellectual cup game

The intellectual cup game is very attractive to children. This mind game is related to your child’s mental programming and is played by two people. The rules and method of the intellectual Goblet game help to strengthen the visual and concentration skills of you and your child. Especially since you should remember your opponent’s moves and increase your chances of winning.

4. The Magic Bowl game

Put several similar bowls on the table and put something under the bowl in front of the child’s eyes. Ask him to look carefully. Move the bowl without lifting it. Finally, ask him which bowl the object is under.

5. Li-li game

You can draw houses in the yard or stand with chalk and do Li Li moves. Ask him to do the same movements after you.

6. What did you see in the game?

Show a number of different pictures or objects to the child for a few seconds. Then hide it and ask him to tell you what he saw. This game is great for improving your child’s visual skills.

7. The game moves

Tell the child to look around carefully. Then he closed his eyes and moved or removed the surrounding objects. Open his eyes. Now check if it can detect changes. With this game, you help strengthen the child’s visual skills.

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What is auditory memory?

The topic of knowing games to strengthen children’s auditory and visual memory is for many new and new parents. After examining the visual memory, it is time to discuss the auditory memory and introduce some games in the field of games to increase children’s listening skills.

Auditory memory is information that people learn through hearing. After listening, the information is quickly entered into short-term auditory memory. If this information is repeated and revised, it will be transferred to the auditory long-term memory.

What is the importance of listening skills for children?

Enhancing listening skills is very important for children. If a child’s auditory memory has a problem, his learning will be affected. In such a way that the child cannot follow orders, recognize sounds, not have enough focus, feel confused and disappointed, etc.

All these factors reduce the child’s self-confidence. Strengthening listening skills is very effective for learning a second language. By reinforcing this skill, children easily become bilingual or multilingual.

Weakness in children’s auditory memory

If a child has a problem with his listening memory, it must be fixed immediately. Vulnerable children in this area show the following symptoms:

  •       They cannot easily talk about daily events or tell stories.
  •       They can’t do complicated orders.
  •       They cannot focus on one subject for a long time.
  •       They usually leave out words in spelling.

7 games to improve listening skills

You definitely want to know the right games to improve children’s listening skills. Below we mention 7 important games in this field.

1. A series of magnetic uppercase English letters

Parents are very interested in teaching the English alphabet to their children. This goal is best achieved through games to strengthen children’s visual and auditory memory and increase their understanding.

A series of magnetic intellectual games with capital letters that help strengthen children’s listening skills. With this game, all English letters and numbers are easily registered in the child’s subconscious.

2. Intellectual bell circle game

Bell circle game is a kind of intellectual game for different age groups. The method of this game is similar to the game of name and familial nostalgia. The bell game is designed with the aim of increasing concentration and strengthening listening and memory skills. Browsing and increasing general information is another benefit of the bell circle family game.

3. Intellectual game of telling cubes

One of the goals of the intellectual game Telling Cubes is to introduce children to the colorful world of stories. In this game, there are 9 dice on different pictures. The child has to create and nurture a beautiful story with the help of his imagination. The intellectual game of storytelling cubes is a good choice to increase listening skills and fill children’s spare time.

4. Question and answer game

Read a story to the child. Ask him to listen carefully. Then ask him questions about the story.

5. Object voice recognition game

You can close his eyes. Then make sounds with different objects. Ask the child to identify and name the objects.

6. Animal voice recognition game

Play different animal sounds with your phone or tape recorder. Ask the child to recognize the sounds of the animals and say their names.

7. Game Chase Sound

You can hide sound devices such as an alarm clock or a music box somewhere and ask the child to find it by following the sound.

The last word

Certainly, strengthening children’s visual and auditory memory, in addition to playing the games mentioned, requires a lot of repetition and practice. You can strengthen these memories by attracting attention and increasing the child’s focus and accuracy. If you have an idea to improve listening and visual skills or know of a great game to improve visual and auditory memory, share it with us. In the end, I hope this content is useful to you.

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