How do we choose the right stroller for our child?

After the babies are born, choosing the right stroller will be one of the parents’ concerns. Here are all the points you should pay attention to when buying.

How do we choose the right stroller for our child?

During the first few weeks after your baby is born, you probably won’t want to leave the house. Your main concern these days is not choosing the right stroller for your child. All your effort and focus on new changes and planning to do things better. When you get back to your strength and enough sleep, you will be eager to go out with your baby and introduce him to the wonders of the world. At first, proper hugs will easily solve the problem of holding your baby. Then, as your baby grows, you need to choose and purchase a suitable stroller. A high-quality stroller allows you to take your baby from one place to another safely, with minimal noise and back pain.

There are many things to consider when choosing a stroller, and you will certainly be exposed to many choices. At Arialand, we’re here to help you get through the basics of choosing the right stroller without the confusion and hours of research.

Use the stroller according to your child’s age.

In all baby products from infancy onwards, it is important to choose the right equipment for their age. Strollers are designed to face the parents as well as have a flat sleeping surface. Forward-facing strollers are suitable for babies learning to sit as well as younger children. For this reason, for an economical option, opt for a stroller that can be converted to all of these required modes. Another important factor is the ease of folding and unfolding of the stroller. This issue is very important for parents who use public transport to get around or who have little space in the trunk of their car.

Choose the stroller that best fits your lifestyle.

At first, it seems difficult to choose the right stroller among hundreds of brands. To find the perfect stroller, choose a stroller that not only fits your baby’s needs, but also your lifestyle. Look at buying a stroller like buying a car because it is your child’s main means of transportation outside the home. If you use the stroller mostly for urban surfaces, you don’t have to pay attention to the size of the wheels.

But if you are the type of person interested in walking in mountainous areas, rocky areas and sandy beaches, it is recommended to use more solid models with suitable features for the terrain and large and strong wheels. There are even special seats for children with athletic parents so that they can comfortably carry their children while playing sports. Jogging carts usually have three wheels. The front wheel is swivel type and can rotate and move quickly. These strollers have perfect safety and are equipped with hand brakes. Note that these types of strollers are not recommended for everyday use.

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Types of strollers available in the market

First of all, remember that the better the quality of the stroller, the more satisfied you will be with it. After you done using it, you can keep it for your next child, give it to a friend or sell it on websites. In this market that is full of a variety of baby products, for your better choice, we will introduce the types of suitable baby strollers that are available in the market so that you can choose the right baby stroller for your baby more easily and according to your needs.

For children under 6 months old (stroller)

These types of strollers help you safely move your baby lying down without hurting his back when he is unable to sit up. You can usually use this type of stroller until the baby is 3-6 months old. The good news is that most strollers today have the ability to convert into a lying position.

Sugar cane carts

Cane strollers are the best choice for daily use. In addition to being light, they have good strength. It folds easily and fits in the trunk of a car. These types of strollers are affordable due to their simple design and are suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years old. Cane strollers have the ability to adjust the height of the cane handle as well as the height of the baby’s back. You can easily adjust the seat for your child when they are asleep or awake. One of the safety points of this stroller is the brake, which will ensure its stability when pulled. When buying this stroller, pay attention to the seat belt, shock absorbers, canopy, stroller weight and the ability to rotate 360 wheels.

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Travel carts

If you travel a lot, it is best to use strollers for travel. These strollers help you to have both devices in one instead of carrying two devices, a stroller and a carrier. The carriers attach easily to the body of the stroller and you can use it as a baby seat. When buying this type of stroller, pay attention to its weight.

Sports strollers

Do not use this type of stroller until your child is at least 1 year old or 8 months old. The sport strollers have three large inflatable wheels specially designed for parents to jog. Remember to lock the front wheel upright before running. This stroller is equipped with a strap attached to the parent’s body so that the stroller will not be released when running or falling. Because these strollers have high strength, they weigh relatively a lot and cannot easily fit in the trunk.

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Twin strollers

If you have twins or two children under 3 years old, buying this kind of stroller is a good choice for your family. On the market, you will find twin strollers that are two positions side by side and one that is side by side. The side-by-side stroller is not suitable for children whose weight difference is significant (such as a one-year-old and four-year-old), but it is a good choice for walking and crossing obstacles. Although strollers have the ability to adjust the seats in different positions, they limit the angle of view of the child and the front child seat is not adjustable. Side strollers are smaller and more suitable for use in elevators and crowded areas. Although it is difficult to get over obstacles with strollers side by side.

Important little points.

In addition to a suitable stroller, there are also some accessories on the market, without which it would not be easy to leave the house in different weather conditions. Two of the most important things you need to keep your child safe and comfortable in all temperatures: a UV canopy and a rain cover. UV awnings or rain covers can be attached to different parts of the stroller to protect the baby from harmful waves or raindrops and give him enough visibility to explore his surroundings. Rain covers or rain covers protect your child from cold and rain, as well as from hot winds in summer.

  •      The soles of your baby’s feet are very important. Cold feet prevent the rest of the body from warming up. Sitting a lot can make the soles of your feet cold. For this reason, make sure that your child’s feet are warm.
  •      If you have children of the same age or if you will be welcoming another child soon, keep an eye out for strollers that have the ability to deliver two children so that both of your children can use them at the same time.
  •      Hang his favorite toy from the bumper of your child’s seat. These games will keep your kids entertained.

In the end

To buy a stroller, do not only pay attention to its price because your choice is related to the use that you will make. If you are an athlete, go for a walk or travel frequently, get the right stroller for your child according to your needs.

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