Introducing the most exciting group games for children

Team games teach children a lot of things that help children develop socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, behaviorally and personally. Also, in happy group games, the child learns cooperation, respect for the rights of others, and social skills better. Without team play, children do not have the necessary ability to have successful, healthy relationships with others. In these games you learn, listen to other people’s ideas and try new things. Children in these games also try to interact with each other and unite to achieve the goal and win.

In this article, we will provide you with some group games for children, for more happiness and fun for children together.

Benefits of group games for children

Experts in the field of children consider team games to be very useful and necessary for children. Everything a child needs to start a social life is fully contained in group games. The group fights and discussions that arise between children while playing can be a rewarding experience and more effort to keep going.

These games help Kokan understand that people have different opinions and tastes, so they should be respected. Usually, parents who pay more attention to the future of their children, lead them to group and social games. In team games, everyone has a mission, and in addition to doing their own mission, they must help their friends and teammates to get better results and success.

Some of the best party games suitable for kids

There are many group games that children can play with their family, friends and classmates, each designed to develop and strengthen different cognitive and social skills. Below, we have provided some of the most exciting group games for kids.

1. Missile Guard

The unforgettable game of the comb is played as follows: the participants choose one person as a wolf, who must stand still and close his eyes, then count from 1 to 10 or read this poem: ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, Seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred, now when you get to one hundred, we say three hundred, Hagar, lady, be ready, I come to scout, take a blue handkerchief full of juicy pears.

Meanwhile, the players have time to hide, now the wolf has to find where the people are hiding, and the people who were hiding before the wolf caught them should put their hands in the eye spot and say: Suk-suk, the one who will be caught by the wolf. In the next stage, he is a wolf and has to seek and find others; If the wolf cannot catch someone, then he must look again, and the game continues.

2. The chair game

Chair game is another entertainment group for kids, the minimum number of people should be 4 people, in this game, a number of chairs are required. All players are placed in a group and choose a referee for themselves, the referee counts the number of players, for example, if there are 5 of them, then he puts 4 ordinary chairs in a row, and the players line up in front of the chairs.

With the referee’s whistle, the children begin to run around the benches, and this running and turning continues until the referee’s whistle is heard. After the whistle is heard, the players must quickly sit on the benches. With players sitting on chairs, someone has nowhere to sit and has to leave the game, at each stage until the end of the game, one chair must be less.

In the last round, as the referee’s whistle sounds, whoever sits on the chair first will be declared the winner of the match.

3. Baazi Atoll Mittal Tutuola

I am sure you all have memories with this game, this game is usually suitable for young children. The Ethel Motel Tutoule is for kids to sit together and stretch their legs. Then someone sings a poem and points to the children’s feet: Ethel Motel Tutoule, which cow is Hassan? …

Whoever reaches the end of the poem and the poem ends, he must collect that foot. This game continues until all legs are collected.

4. Crazy train game

A lively party game for young children is Crazy Train. In this game, the number of players must be more than 10 people. Children stand one after another in a chain or like a train and then start moving. Now the coach has to give orders to disturb the train.

For example: the bus gives the command, fast and the train must speed up, then commands, slow, that the train must slow down, or commands stop, that the train stop moving and stay in place.

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5. Sit down and play

In addition to entertainment, Bishin Pashu strengthens leg muscles, focuses the senses and improves quickness of action, coordination and adaptive behavior with a social group. The appropriate age to play this game is from 6 to 13 years old. Delays and errors in this game means that the player must leave the game.

A few children stand in one place and get ready to play according to what the coach says, and if the coach says “sit” it means basho.

6. Tug-of-war

Tug of war is one of the collective games for children, in this game the children are divided into two equal groups and they face each other. The tools needed to play this game are a 3-meter rope and a piece of plaster, which must be played in the open space. The middle line is marked with chalk and two groups take the rope and start pulling the rope towards them using the coach’s whistle.

In tug-of-war, the winner is the group that pulls the rope so far that the first player from the group opposite the center line passes.

7. The middle game

The middle game is one of the ancient and exciting games that are very popular. This game played with a ball and there no limit on the number of participants to play the game. The children divided into two equal groups and, with the advice of their friends, decide which group they will be in the middle. The group that not in the middle divided into two groups, each group placed on one side of the court.

They throw the ball to the people in the middle so that it hits one of them, the people in the middle don’t let the ball hit them by running and giving space, whoever the ball hits is out of the game.

Whoever plays center, if they catch the ball in the air without touching their bodies, against each goal, they can re-enter a teammate, or if they burn once, they can’t get out of a game. The ball continues to through at them until one of the smartest and fastest players remains in the middle, then they exchange positions with the group on both sides of the field, and go to the middle of the game, and so the middle game continues. he got it.

8. Pantomime game

Pantomime is one of the mass entertainment for kids or even adults. In this game, no matter how many people you have, you need to divided into two groups, each group chooses a sentence or a word and performs that word or sentence to its group members in pantomime, without speaking, gestures and gestures can guess it well. Whichever group has the most points wins the game.

9. Creative group game show

This game increases children’s skills and general information. To play this game, get help from a bag or box, then write the tasks on paper and place them inside the box. Ask the children to make a circle and when it is their turn, take a piece of paper out of the box and do what written on the paper.

Some of these actions can be: the sound of a cat, the sound of a bee, the sound of a rooster, the sound of a trumpet, singing, brushing your teeth, jumping on a rope, walking like a duck, and many other fun things. And different ideas that make the game fun and exciting for kids

10. A foolish or silly game

Gol Ya Poch is another group game for kids that is played in this way, no matter how many people you are divided into two groups, the first group is the group that has the flower in their hands and the second group is the group that has to guess it. The group, in turn, must hold a small object or a crumpled piece of paper in their fist so that the other party guesses who is handing the flower.

If they guess correctly, the target will fall into their hands and they will awarded points. Now it’s this group’s turn to guess the target or bullshit. The game continues in this manner and the group with the most points wins the game. The more players, the more exciting the game.

     Play is one of the daily activities of children, as the majority of learning skills and intellectual development occur in this way. Sometimes it not possible to play in an open space, but some games that can played with children at home. Click through to check out this collection of Kids Games: Creative and Dynamic Kids Play Ideas at Home

The last word

In this article, we have suggested 10 of the best group games for kids, so that kids can have fun and be happy in family gatherings. If you know of a group game for kids, share it with us.

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