Kitchen and children’s house

Remember pillow house ? A small and private space where we enjoyed playing in childhood. In fact, we fell in love with the relaxed and calm atmosphere. Do you know the advantages of playing in these small and simple houses for the development of the child? Today, toy manufacturers have transformed these temporary pillow homes into high-quality and attractive products. The beautiful and adorable appearance of all kinds of toy kitchens, children’s homes, etc. These products provide a safe and independent environment for your child and strengthen their skills. In this article, we describe the advantages of using all kinds of kitchen toys. Below, we describe the important points of buying a children’s home and a toy kitchen. These tips will guide you to choose the right product. So if you are planning to get an attractive and functional toy for your child, stay with us.

Kitchen play set

Does your child have a special interest in playing in the kitchen? Does he like to hide in closets and mess things up? If you are tired of these sweet problems, the solution is very simple. For this, it is enough to stimulate your child’s favorite environment using a variety of kitchen toys. The kitchen playset is a complete set of all the kitchen utensils that a child needs to play with. These high-quality toys will amaze the child and provide him with an enjoyable time. While playing with this set, children imagine themselves in the role of their parents and get to know the world of adults. Even if you sit and watch them play, you can learn about your movements and behavior among them. In general, the items in the play kitchen set are as follows:

The more complete the details of the kitchen toy, the more realistic the child’s play surroundings. Also, a high-quality kitchen set has the following features:

Children’s house

Has your child’s behavior changed since entering preschool age? Does he like to do everything on his own and rely on his ability? Perhaps he constantly repeats one sentence: “I’ll do it myself!” Myself!”. They prefer to play in a dedicated and unique space. Buying a baby house would be the right solution to this need. Even if you put the baby house in your own child’s room, the baby will still play in this Private space. These products are usually made of high-quality raw materials and are made of wood or plastic. These materials do not threaten the health of the child. To know the benefits of this product, you can play with your child for just one day. You will definitely see the child’s pure creativity to live in your home.

Advantages of buying a children’s toy kitchen

Experts advise not to neglect the benefits of games in your child’s childhood. but why? Why should we buy a toy kitchen for our kids? As we said, this product is a suitable device for playing my aunt. The purpose of this exciting game is not limited to entertainment, it also brings many benefits to the child. Next, we describe the most important advantages of a child’s kitchen:

1. Cultivate creativity

Have you ever noticed what kind of actor your child is? In fact, imitation games are designed based on a child’s imagination. When a child sits behind his kitchen set, he uses his imagination and recreates the world of adults. Repeating this game as an exercise kneads and strengthens the child’s creativity. Note that the more elaborate the game, the more elaborate and detailed stories the child can write.

2. Strengthening language skills

Is your child muttering words and not interested in speaking? You can encourage your child to talk using imitation games. Just as the use of fancy stationery encourages the child to learn the alphabet, the use of imitation games will also help in strengthening his language skills. In fact, the child needs storytelling to advance the game. Telling stories also requires the use of many words and sentences. In this way, while playing with the kitchen game, the child refers to and uses his vocabulary to communicate with fellow players. You can even teach him new words like cooking, hot, cold, etc. during the game. After some time, you will notice that your child’s language skills have improved significantly.

3. Strengthening social skills

Does your child have difficulty communicating with others? Does your child hide behind you when he encounters a new person? In this case, the number of your child’s friends will be less than expected. If you feel that your child is feeling lonely and you need to teach him friendship skills, you can use a variety of playgroups such as the children’s home and encourage him to do group activities. The child may not feel comfortable playing with others in the first minutes, but after a few moments you will see how he interacts with his friends with enthusiasm. Playmates are definitely the best trainer for teaching social skills. They talk to each other during the game, listen to each other carefully and respect each other’s personality.

4. Training planning

If you think that your child only thinks about the rules and the story during the game, you are very wrong. For example, when your child decides to play a chef, their story begins in the hours leading up to cooking. Perhaps he will go to the store first to buy food, watch cooking programs and … In this way, in addition to using the intellectual card game, you can also develop your child’s planning skills with the game. It is recommended to share your kitchen rules with the child during the game. Talk about storing food in the fridge and cupboards. Arrange spoons and forks in the drawer and …

5. Teaching life skills

Imagine that you are sitting on the sofa and talking to your child about the rules of the world and its environment. How much do you think the child will understand from your words? To teach life skills to your child, it is best to join him while he is playing and teach him the rules in the form of a game. For example, introduce your child to different jobs while playing the role of an aunt. Teach him the rules of physics and social etiquette using kitchen toys. Surely, observing your little chef, you will quickly come to the conclusion that you achieved the desired result.

6. Promote independence and self-confidence

We explained how buying a home for children helps strengthen their sense of independence. Entering the kitchen group, the child finds himself freed from the usual rules and frameworks. In this way, he becomes the owner of the house and the cook and continues to play completely independently. He will gradually take on different responsibilities such as keeping his game clean and hygienic. When a child believes that he is doing things well, it strengthens his self-confidence. As this situation continues, the child develops leadership skills.

7. Learn problem-solving techniques

Did you know that a child’s heavy dependence on his parents causes him to have different behavioral disorders? For example, if you quickly solve all the problems and needs of your child, then, most likely, in the future you will realize that you raised an irresponsible child. The best way is to teach your child the ways of problem-solving at an early age. Making various crafts and playing imitation games provides a suitable platform for teaching children about these issues. Imagine that your child, while playing with the toy kitchen, realizes that he has lost his only fork. Instead of finding a fork for him, ask your child to find a solution to this loss.

8. Teaching numbers and counting to children

Learning in the traditional way is boring for kids. If you intend to teach your child a concept, it is best to express it in the form of a game. You can also use kids kitchen games to teach numbers and counting to kids. Use it to organize a family party and ask your child to put spoons, forks and glasses on the table for as many guests as possible.

9. Modify the child’s diet

Loss of appetite is one of the most important concerns of parents when their children are young. If you are looking for a way to increase your child’s appetite, then you can take advantage of the game’s features. For example, by purchasing a children’s house and a play kitchen, provide the right environment for your child. Or give your child healthy food and ask him to prepare a delicious meal for you using the toy tool. In this way, the child is encouraged to eat the same foods in real life.

Other benefits of kitchen games include:

Baby Houses and Play Kitchens Buying Guide

We suggest that you consider the toy kitchen and children’s house as real homes. Certainly, you have to pay attention to many points when buying a home. In the same way, you should pay attention to several points to buy a children’s house and kitchen toys. The size, quality and price of the toy kitchen are just a few of these important factors. The following points are the most important factors to consider when buying these games:

1. Pay attention to the space you have.

If you entrust the purchase of a children’s home to your child, he will surely admit that “the bigger the better.” But you have to think logically. When buying kitchen toys and children’s huts, first of all pay attention to the area of \u200b\u200byour home and yard. how? First, decide in which area of the house the child’s toy will be placed. The best space for a child’s home and kitchen should have the following features:

According to these tips, choose the best spot in your home and yard. In this way, you can limit the size of the game.

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2. Determine your budget.

Set your budget before you go to the store. The price of kitchen toys is very diverse and depends on various factors. When you set your budget, you will also determine the quality and type of product. In this way, you can get a quality product that fits your budget. For more guidance in this area, you can visit the Arialand online store and see the price list of Zarin toys.

3. Consider the beauty and quality of the game.

Children are fascinated by the appearance and beauty of the product. They don’t have the proper experience to get to know the quality of the products. So help your child get to know the quality of the toy kitchen. Currently, these toys are produced and marketed in both wooden and plastic versions. Wood products are more durable and of higher quality, but you will have to pay more for them. The plastic house and kitchen also have very little weight and provide more detail for your child.

4. Pay attention to the game accessories.

This high-quality play kitchen includes various attractive tools and accessories. You can buy these items when you buy kitchen toys or provide them to your child over time. Note that it is not recommended to purchase unused accessories.

5. Pay attention to your child’s needs.

How much do you care about your child’s words to buy toys? We recommend that you talk to your child first before purchasing this product. Stay in the flow of his mental stories. Ask him if he likes to play with his friends or if he likes to play with toys. What equipment does he need to play? Also note that hyperactive children need more peripherals to keep them entertained. Considering the needs of the child, you can choose the best toy kitchen for your child and give him happiness.


The kids house and kitchen is one of the most used toys on the market. These products provide a safe and calm environment for your child to have fun and strengthen all kinds of skills. By providing a guide to buying these products, we have helped you to choose a quality product. Also, for some of your concerns, we have provided solutions based on games and entertainment. If you have other methods in mind, you can share them with us in the comments section. You can also send us your comments about Arialand products in the comments section. In this way, other Aryalandi friends can also get a safe and high-quality purchase. Thank you for being with us.

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