Learn about homework and school exercises for preschoolers

Preschool is the period before entering primary school that prepares children for the start of primary school. In preschool, children are taught how to do homework when they enter elementary school, how to communicate with their friends, or how to deal with new environments.

On this note, we try to talk about preschool homework and its impact on students.

Sample homework for preschoolers

Pre-school is the first stage where children are formally educated before entering primary school. The children didn’t receive any education prior to this period and in fact considered beginners. At this stage, educators try to introduce children to different concepts through preschool homework. Knowing math, learning about science, strengthening language learning, practical skills, and strengthening skills are among the homework assignments for a preschooler.

In each of these tasks, new students will learn skills such as recognizing different types of animals, recognizing colors, writing letters and numbers, learning how to take care of themselves and those around them, ways to protect the environment, and how to communicate and interact with their peers. In fact, homework for preschoolers is a way for children to practice the skills they are learning.

Types of assignments and homework for preschoolers

Children enter preschool to prepare for social life and higher education by increasing their creativity and using their intelligence. At this point, trainers and breeding managers use different methods to prepare preparations for this. The most important preschool tasks can be summarized as follows:

1. Worksheets

Worksheets are ideal for assessing beginners on weekends. During the week, the teachers give lessons to the children and then, by presenting worksheets, ask them to rate what they have learned. These educators try to organize and group worksheets of different shapes and designs, write preschool examples for children and give them to children.

In the worksheets numbers, alphabet, different shapes, science, drawing etc. taught as exercises for preschoolers. In some of them, children have to write on the given letters or numbers, color the shapes, or draw pictures of the letters. The purpose of these worksheets is to strengthen the child’s memory, evaluate his abilities and talents, use a variety of creative methods in education, and increase the children’s self-confidence.

2. Various projects for preschoolers

Kids supposed to do different projects as preschool homework. These projects could be working with water, wood, clay, painting, making a craft, playing a game, assembling lego pieces, or making different shapes with dough. Usually, teachers use books to teach these projects to kids and show them how to complete their project.

The purpose of carrying out projects in the form of preschool homework is for children to observe, ask their questions, interact with their teacher and other friends, use their creativity, and try to show their best results.

3. Educational and group games

Perhaps the most important duty of a preschooler is to outline some lessons in the form of collective games. Games add joy to the class spirit and make children seem more excited than other activities. Games can be very educational and entertaining.

On the other hand, games that are suitable for preschoolers are those that are short and suitable for school time. Crazy Train, Lee Lee, Four Corners and Qayim Bashek are among the most important games for preschool children.

Strengthening skills through homework for preschoolers

When preschoolers do homework or participate in activities, they will also improve their skills. For example, one of the most common preschool tasks is to find similarities between different pictures.

When learners are taught to find similarities, their visual and cognitive skills are enhanced. Or when teachers use motor skills as homework for preschoolers, they will develop children’s hands and movements.

1. Movement skills

Motor skills can be specific to hand or foot and body movements. For example, cutting, coloring, drawing, connecting dots, separating similar shapes or pencils of the same color, and drawing letters or numbers are examples of preschool homework and examples that will reinforce manual skills.

On the other hand, playing movement games such as li-li, going up and down stairs, running on four mats, running, throwing, dressing and undressing, jumping and playing sports are specific leg and body skills that are practiced. Considered elementary school and movement type.

2. Sensory skills

On the other hand, we also besides other types of skills under the name of sensory skills in the preschool period. Recognizing different smells, doing tasks and games with closed eyes, recognizing special sounds of any device or animal, reading from written letters or numbers, repeating and touching objects, among other preschool tasks that enhance sensory skills of new learners.

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3. Exemplary skills

Also, one of the most popular exercises for preschoolers is copying and writing from the example of educators or modeling. As mentioned above, in the preschool period, each child is given worksheets to solve their exercises.

In these cases, the child is asked to solve the relevant exercises by drawing inspiration from the solved examples. These preschool examples could include letters, numbers, shapes, coloring, or distinguishing any shape from others.

What education is provided using homework and exercises in preschool?

One of the most important questions in the preschool period is to what extent should children be educated, what kind of education do they experience at this stage and, in general, what is the exact and real goal of this education? We must say that the pre-school period is the stage of acquaintance of new students with new environments and broader communication. For this reason, education in this period and homework and homework in preschool should be in accordance with the capabilities and abilities of the children.

On the other hand, the purpose of these activities can be determined in the following cases:

  •      Developing children’s social communication with their peers.
  •      Familiarity with some symbols and concepts such as functions, animals, colors, vehicles, fruits, and directions,
  •      strengthening self-help skills such as how to eat, dress, keep clean, and how to go to the bathroom,
  •      How to do individual work and learn about the concept of teamwork.
  •      How you interact with others
  •      Expanding language skills such as strengthening vocabulary, learning a second language, and forming more sentences

In addition to these things, it can be said that preschool homework helps the child to face fewer challenges and problems with his environment in the primary and higher stages and learn how to deal with these challenges peacefully.


Based on what we have said so far, children need to be familiar with new environments and receive training before entering elementary school and starting to study hard in schools. Preschool is children’s gateway to primary school.

At this stage, children receive training through preschool homework, games and homework, enjoy new connections and see the strengthening and development of their skills; For this reason, preschool is one of the most important periods in children’s lives.

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