Making friends at school is the main concern of primary school children

“My son does not go to school!” ” , “Why does my elementary school child not have friends!”. There is no end to parents’ worries about their preschool children.

Having a child stay alone in school is one such concern that worries parents for various reasons. But how can these conditions be changed? How can parents help their children in this matter? Does the school also have a duty to the child to be alone? In this article, we will first talk about three important reasons why a child cannot make friends at school. Below we will provide some solutions to teach the concept of making friends to the child, and at the end we will answer the important questions of parents in this regard. So by reading this article, you can strengthen your child’s friendship skills, solve the loneliness he feels at school, and provide him with happier times.

Why isn’t my child making friends at school?

For certain reasons, the child does not have friends at school and spends time alone. In the first step, parents must identify the reason for their child’s isolation. they can explain the concept of making friends at school more easily to their child and strengthen his or her social skills. In general, students suffer from a lack of dating skills for the following reasons:

1. He has a sensitive soul.

Many children have a sensitive and irritable temperament. Because of this, communication with others becomes a breathtaking process for them. These children should be taught how to control their emotions and in this way, experience true friendship.

2. It’s embarrassing.

The most common reason children lack friendship skills is their shyness. Note that a child’s modesty does not mean that he is weak and is not considered his weakness. In order to treat a shy child, you can encourage your child to be in the community and use frequent exercises for him.

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3. Aggressiveness in school.

Friendship cannot last at any age unless both parties treat each other with sincerity. Accordingly, if a child behaves aggressively, he will have difficulty making friends at school. Experts believe that the aggressive behavior of a child is caused by various types of anxiety. Indeed, at an early age, children deal with new phenomena every day, which increases their anxiety. However, note that his aggressiveness improves as he gets older. But it is recommended that you teach your child how to manage anger and avoid aggressive behavior in order to improve your child’s relationships.

When can you explain the concept of friendship to your child?

Making friends at school is the main concern of primary school children

Making friends at school is one of the most important skills in life. Also, it is the duty of parents to teach this skill to their children. But what is the most appropriate age for these exercises? Psychologists recommend explaining the concept of friendship and dating skills to your child several months before entering school. This process should continue for several months after the start of the school year. Note that adjusting to an unfamiliar environment is stressful for children and may be harmful to their mental health. Therefore, it is recommended, if the child has recently changed schools, to remind him of the skills of making friends at school again. It is also best to be with your little one in the early days and help him find a new friend.

Who at school can make it easier for students to make friends?

It is safe to say that parents, teachers, administrators, and school counselors have a duty to teach children the skills of making friends at school. If any of these people refuse to do so, loneliness will attack the child’s psyche.

How can you teach your child the concept of making friends at school?

The child spends most of his time with his family and parents. For this reason, it can be said that the family plays the most effective role in strengthening the child’s friendship skills. If your child is having trouble making friends at school, you can do the following for him.

1. Provide a friendly environment for your child at home.

The family is the first community in which the child experiences existence. If a child grows up in a friendly environment, he will automatically learn the skills of making friends. In other words, if the father, mother, and children do not have a good relationship with each other, the child will also suffer from a lack of friendship skills in school. If you intend to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere in your family, do not neglect all kinds of period games. All kinds of intellectual games such as board games, building games and old card games will be a good choice to create an intimate relationships with the family. For example, “Bandida catch-and-lock puzzle game.” It is designed for people between the ages of 6 and 99 and offers fun times for the whole family. For this team game, you need to be divided into two groups. One group is tasked with helping a prisoner named “Bendida” escape and the other group must stop him. If there is a third group, you can also bring “Bendida” to “Bendido” so that they can run away together. Among the contents of this intellectual game are the following:

  •      10 tool cards
  •      2 warning cards
  •      ladder card
  •      Two special cards
  •      Brochures

2. Put your child in different social situations.

The best class for teaching friendship skills in school is community participation. Parents can participate in social events with their children and teach them important life skills. Picnics, entertainment, going to the cinema, etc. are suitable gatherings for preschool children. Having said that, from now on, visit the store as a family to buy toys and increase your child’s chances of making friends at school.

3. Encourage your child to play group games.

The world of toys and games is used by psychologists to treat various behavioral disorders in children. In other words, play helps children interact with others in the best possible way. For this reason, group games are also the best space for strengthening the skill of making friends at a child’s school. Most team games are held competitively. Therefore, if the child wins the team, he will increase his self-confidence and overcome his shyness. Also, if the child feels the loss, he will also learn how to control anger.

4. Model friendly relations for your child.

Parents are the most important role models for children in life. Therefore, it is recommended that you, as a parent of a child, pay attention to what kind of communication you have with others. In this way, the child also learns the skills of making friends at school by following your behavior and speech.

5. Teach your child to initiate friendly communication with others.

Making friends at school is the main concern of primary school children

Making the first contact to make friends at school is usually very important. If the child takes the first step to establishing a friendly relationship correctly, he will experience a more lasting relationship. Therefore, teach your child the important factors in the first encounter with others. These factors include talking about interests, the art of active listening, and so on.

You may have heard the saying, “A friend is harder to keep than to find.” Based on this phrase, it is recommended to teach your child the skill of overcoming other people’s mistakes. Because the child is likely to encounter many differences in his friendships. If a child can properly control his emotions, he can overcome other people’s mistakes and improve his relationships. Don’t forget that deep friendships come from differences.

6. Explain the concept of apology and compensation to your child.

One of the basic tenets of making friends at school is an apology, which helps a child protect their relationships from mistakes. If a child can accept his mistakes with open arms, he can also make amends by apologizing.

Do you think these solutions were helpful to you?

Like other important life skills, making friends at school needs practice. In this way, the school staff is as involved as the parents are. In this article, we have explained the important strategies for teaching the skill of making friends to children. Do you think these solutions are effective? Can your child overcome his social problems and enter into a friendly relationship with these exercises? By submitting your feedback, you can help other Aryan friends and together we can raise a happy and energetic generation. Thank you for being with us!

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