Preschool education at home

Teaching preschool children at home is a great opportunity to create a strong learning foundation for children. Preschool children need a detailed learning program at home or even at school that is compiled on a weekly and daily basis.

In this regard, in this article, we intend to study the various aspects of pre-school education at home for children, the benefits of teaching them at home, and the necessary educational subjects for pre-school children. In the following, we will provide the best resources for preschool education at home and finally give important tips for teaching our preschoolers at home.

Is custody compulsory?

The short answer to this question is “no”. On the importance of completing the pre-school course, the Deputy Minister of Education said: Completion of the pre-school course is very beneficial for the social development and academic success of students. Therefore, it is recommended that families take care of it.

However, there is no requirement to pass it for primary school enrollment. They also believe that the government has established measures for schools, according to which it is necessary to pass a pre-school course for the child’s social and academic development to enter primary school.

In fact, parents can choose to refuse to enroll their children in preschool centers; But at the same time, they should pay attention to carrying out the preliminary assessment steps before participating in pre-school courses under any circumstances. In general, the initial assessment includes the assessment of vision, hearing, social skills, speech and hearing skills, which are carried out in the relevant rules, while some parents also do intelligence testing before preschool, in this case, parents can validate check your child or Be aware of and treat possible problems with their children’s eyesight, hearing or other skills.

Is preschool education at home suitable for my child?

Now the question arises whether preschool education at home is suitable for children. In response to this question, we will list the reasons why it is useful to teach preschool children at home.


One of the reasons that homeschooling children is beneficial is that a flexible schedule can be set up. Indeed, with this, you no longer need to rush several days a week to get out of the house at a certain time in the morning. Also, in this case, your children will sleep comfortably in the morning. This way, you spend time with each other more calmly.

Plus, by letting your kids be homeschooled, you no longer have to worry about their lunch, rush to get dressed to take your child to school, drive long distances, or get stuck in boring traffic!

On the other hand, every day in addition to the detailed curriculum for your children, you can arrange a fun program like going to the zoo, taking care of them in sick days, spending more relaxing time at home with your children for any other reason. Of course, you shouldn’t put these programs in such a way that they will disrupt the curriculum and lazily spend your day! Beware that homeschooling only frees you to develop a program every minute, not the whole thing!

  Medical reasons

Homeschooling can be a great option for families who are constantly dealing with their child’s illness. In other words, some kids have severe or serious allergies, have problems with chronic illnesses, can’t learn, and other things that make homeschooling seem like a better option.

Studies of the homeschooling process have shown that a number of parents of children with various medical conditions find homeschooling to be the most appropriate option for their children’s learning. In fact, with this method, children can take a short break every few hours, take their medication easily, and avoid the stress of potentially upsetting their physical condition due to being in public.

Nowadays, with the advent of the Corona epidemic, many parents refuse to send their children to schools and pre-school centers. In this case, parents can educate their children at home to avoid the possibility of contracting this disease.

Different teaching methods

As we all know, the same style or method cannot be suitable for everyone, and this also applies to kindergarten. In other words, some children like to learn everything in a quiet environment with minimal distractions.

Some other children also have a great deal of mobility and need to move, touch things, interact with their surroundings, and be active in order to learn, and they learn best only in these conditions. There are also children who like to play all day and spend most of their time outdoors. A group of children are very clever and learn things much faster than their peers.

In such a situation, home parents can develop a unique curriculum for their children. This approach perfectly matches their children’s learning style and makes learning fun for them. For example, many children enjoy playing while learning. For this group of children, games such as Lego can be provided so that they can easily learn the provided content while playing with them.

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The ability to apply personal preferences

Sometimes homeschooling is a great option because parents simply want to homeschool their children. In such cases, home schooling cannot be one of the best options for a child; Because for many reasons, parents have to homeschool their kids. Indeed, in this case, the first choice for parents is homeschooling, because the parents themselves prefer to educate the child at home. Some families, based on their personal preferences, would like their children to be homeschooled for a year before they go to school. In this way, they provide the possibility of homeschooling to their children.

Today, the age of starting preschool for children around the world varies. Some countries require children to attend preschool centers from the beginning of 4 years, and others have limited the possibility of attending kindergarten until the child is 7 years old.

On the other hand, some parents like the idea of sending their children to preschool centers; But they don’t want their children to spend the whole day in kindergarten. This is despite the fact that today some educational centers provide the possibility of providing educational services for half a day to parents; But these centers are very limited. For this reason, parents can apply their personal preferences to the education of their children by teaching them at home and using their preferred methods in the learning process.

Educational topics for preschoolers

After learning about the benefits of preschool education at home, we are now going to examine the things that are useful for teaching children at this stage. In the following, we present a chapter on the goals of teaching preschool children.

  •       Knowing the senses and developing the skill of using them
  •      Develop language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing skills)
  •      Develop physical and motor skills
  •      Protecting the body in terms of health, safety and nutrition
  •      Knowledge of the environment and interest in its beauty and preservation
  •      Understand basic math and science concepts
  •      Develop mental abilities
  •      Understand social norms and develop relationships
  •      Knowledge of national culture and religious signs
  •      Develop artistic taste and understanding of beauty
  •      Life skills development

Preschool virtual education at home

The most important part in the formation of the personality and education of children occurs at the age of 3 to 6 years. Virtual preschool training at home is very convenient for housewives, because according to the time they have, they can provide their children with the right time to teach the skills necessary for preschoolers.

In keeping with the virtual preschool education at home, educational aid products have been produced that make teaching and learning easier for parents and children. Educational programs and activities for preschoolers at home are in the form of games and entertainment, and the child can learn important and necessary preschool skills along with the game.

Below, we will provide some examples of the best homeschool preschool education programs. stay with us

The best resources for preschool education at home

As per what we have discussed so far, it is better to prepare a regular and detailed plan for homeschooling the kids. Among the utilities that are very useful for achieving educational goals, we can mention the various educational programs designed in this field. In fact, educational programs have been developed with the aim of teaching children at home and as a result of examining many educational methods.

For this reason, it can be said that they can perform much better than parents’ personal programs for educating their children. In this regard, we will present popular programs and solutions for preschool education at home. You can also choose a useful solution for your child’s learning based on your child’s educational needs.

In Number Education, the concept of each number is explained separately with attractive songs and animations in simple and tangible language for children, and fits perfectly into children’s games. The language learning department’s exercises teach children a number of letters of the alphabet in a simplified manner and in a happy atmosphere commensurate with the children’s mood according to the educational method.

Finally, in the life skills section, moral and social concepts are taught in the form of how-to stories in the form of fully animated cartoons, in addition to teaching drawing simple geometric shapes step by step with happy melodies.

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