The best way to treat a father with his son + all the important points

Anyone can have a child, but being a perfect father is a bit difficult. Parents play an important role in their son lives and no one else can fill that place. This role can have a great impact on the child and help shape his personality.

Fathers are different from mothers. They look different, the father’s role in relation to children is different and they usually have a different approach to the mother. That’s good.

Many men do not know how to treat their children and do not realize the role they play in their lives. But a strong and active father is very important for a son’s development. Stay with us in this article to learn the correct way of father and son behavior.

Parents and their children

Children imitate the personality of their father, and this is a very important point.

The son learns from his father and does so without realizing it. Children will seek the approval of their parents from an early age. Many adult men say they either want to be “just like their dad” or they want to be the opposite of him. There is no doubt that fathers have a strong influence on the development of the personality of their children, and this begins from the moment of birth.

If the father takes care of people and treats them with respect, then the son will be like him. When the father is not present in the boy’s life for any reason, the boys try to use other male role models and shape their personality.

How should father treat their son and establish a strong relationship with them?

Fathers and children influence each other throughout life. Here are some tips for parents to treat their children well.

1- Tell your son I love you.

Very often it is difficult for a father to say these simple words, but do not forget that the son needs to hear these words more often. Saying I love you doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, dramatic event like in TV movies. This is just a simple phrase you can say after dropping your kid off at school and when saying goodbye.

2- Say to your son: Everyone makes mistakes.

Boys need to know that making mistakes is part of learning and part of being human. Teach your child to make up for his mistakes and then learn from them and move on again. Remind your son that every mistake teaches him to be a better person.

3- Teach him that: honesty is important.

Tell your kid that honesty earns the highest respect. If you want your child to achieve real success in life, be a role model for your son and teach him honesty. Remind him that it takes a lot of courage to be honest at all times and that courage will make him a great man.

The best way to treat a father with his son + all the important points

4- Don’t be afraid of violent and annoying boys’ games.

Boys, especially in infancy, are very interested in anything active and violent. These brutal behaviors seem to be a bonding experience. You have to keep the boys from getting hurt and put them at some very small calculated risk so that they get a physical experience.

5- Listen to what your son says.

Men in general seem to have a hard time communicating effectively. Talk to your son from childhood and avoid judging or threatening him. Know that you have a long way to go to build a lasting relationship. Look for opportunities to be with your children and just listen to them. Try to talk only 25% of the time you are together and listen to your child the rest of the time.

6- Don’t be afraid to give sex education to your child.

Spend some time teaching boys about sex and heterosexuality. Talking about these things will help your children have a better attitude towards sex and girls in general. Don’t let your child’s attitudes about sex come from the media, the computer, and conversations with friends. In this way, your child can have healthy relationships.

7-Focus on the positive things.

Many of our children are surrounded by negative messages. Just watching TV can make boys feel negative. It’s possible that the guys aren’t that strong, they might not have a six-pack, or they might not be as good-looking as the guys they see on TV.

As a parent, we must educate our children in the right way and approve of them. We must adopt positive ways of celebrating our children’s achievements. Giving your child positive energy and building self-confidence will help him overcome the negativity he encounters on a daily basis.

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8- Focus on spirituality.

Parents play an important role in the spiritual formation of boys. The more you use your faith, the more you will help your child understand the deeper meaning of life. Help your son look inside himself and try to get him to have a deeper perspective on life. The more a boy is in harmony with nature, God, and himself, the easier it is for him to endure hardships and prosper personally.

9- Teach him to respect others.

Teach your son that spanking is not a sign of manhood and he may not always be right. Teach him respect. Tell your child that sometimes silence is the best answer.

10- Teach him to choose his own values.

Teach your son the battles worth fighting – like fighting for his family or his favorite baseball team. Remind him that some people can be mean out of jealousy or other personal reasons. Help him know when to keep his mouth shut and move on. Teach him to be a bigger and better person.

Conflicts between father and son

The best way to treat a father with his son + all the important points

Conflicts between fathers and children have always been, are and always will be.

Arguments between father and son can happen to anyone. It could be because of lessons, time to go home, respect, choice of friends, and so on. You won’t usually win these fights and you should think more about the consequences. Below we will learn about ways to resolve these conflicts.

Ways to resolve the dispute between father and son

Take note, parents, here are some ideas for achieving one of your most important goals in life, which is to have a positive and better relationship with your son:

     Speak the criticism in such gentle language that it sounds more like a suggestion than a criticism. Parents shouldn’t be expected to keep their opinions in check all the time, but they should be more sensitive about sharing them. At the time of criticism, avoid giving bad qualities to your son (such as selfishness, stupidity, etc.), because such words will leave an unpleasant impact on your relationship. Pay attention to what you say when you’re angry, and try to find a good time to talk.

     Express your words with reason and logic. Avoid imposing your opinions on your child and talk to him logically. Some parents have a habit of using the opposite point of view when expressing their opinions. Do not teach your words to your child through bullying. You should know that teens still need praise and validation from their parents.

     Don’t shy away from happy subjects and activities. Keep your relationship positive and try to bring back good and funny memories together. Avoid criticizing sometimes and be the person who enjoys your company in your child’s life.

     Have a good relationship with your wife. Your spouse is the closest person who can see your advantages and disadvantages and pass them on to your child. In addition, having a good relationship with your spouse can teach your child how to deal with his future spouse. Your spouse can tell us about your strengths and weaknesses and be instrumental in creating a better relationship with your son.

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