Top 5 Ways to prevent precocious puberty in children

In the following, we will introduce you to 5 of the latest ways to prevent precocious puberty in children, so that you can control this problem in your child while getting to know them.


Preventing precocious puberty in children is very important. Children who go through puberty earlier than other children may be shorter when they are young than others because their bones may stop growing earlier. Precocious puberty in girls depends less on genetic factors and more on environmental factors.

9 major causes of precocious puberty

  •      environmental chemicals
  •      Obesity and overweight
  •      Increase consumption of snacks, soft drinks and non-essential foods
  •      hormonal changes
  •      mother smoking
  •      Lots of bonus money
  •      Watching TV a lot
  •      Spending a lot of time on the Internet
  •      Absence of the father

How do we prevent precocious puberty? (video):

When puberty begins at an early age, children’s height growth will increase and they will be taller than children of the same age, but after two or three years, height growth will stop and they will eventually become adults. In terms of physical shape and body appearance, problems can also be seen. In addition, psychologically, these children will have many problems.

According to Mumtaz News Agency, precocious puberty occurs more often in girls and the age of onset is before the age of seven. Considering precocious puberty in children, pathological problems should be investigated as soon as possible. Girls with precocious puberty should be screened for lesions of the ovaries, adrenals, and pituitary glands. An increase in body mass index and obesity are effective factors in the occurrence of precocious puberty in girls.

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Introducing 5 new strategies to prevent precocious puberty in children:

1- Prevention of obesity in children: The solution to prevent early puberty depends on nutrition and attention to the proper growth of the human being. Parents should prevent excessive obesity for their children and not give chicken, eggs and hormonal products, especially to their daughters.

2- Do not use a tool such as satellites or block their unhealthy networks: Seeing extremist images and scenes has a significant impact on the early puberty of children. So remember to control children’s films and cartoons; Because sometimes, because of seeing them, he becomes accustomed to romantic relationships, running away from home, tending to cross-dress, and so on. Don’t use half-naked pictures to decorate the house and play age-appropriate songs.

3- Separating the sleeping place: At this stage, the child must be gently taught to separate his sleeping place by strengthening the sense of independence and self-esteem, and in the next step, separating the children’s sleeping places from each other. The hadiths state that the appropriate age is six years, and some say seven or ten years. This difference in hadiths is related to the difference between hot and cold environments and the extreme irritability of girls, as the age of girls is six years, seven years for boys, six and seven years for hot regions, and ten years for cold environments. .

What else!

4- Teaching children to ask permission when entering their parents’ room: God specified three times during the day and night, during these times, children who have not reached puberty must ask for permission when entering their parents’ room. . (Surah Noor, verses 58-59). Before the Fajr prayer, during the Zuhr prayer, and after the Isha prayer, which are the three times of your loneliness, so there is no sin on you or on them other than these three times, as they revolve around you constantly. Since your children have reached puberty, they must ask permission at all times to enter. External and environmental factors unconsciously influence the child’s sexual instinct, and when he sees a scene of rapprochement between his parents, he may do the same with his peers in order to imitate or play with his penis out of curiosity. From this act causes him sexual perversion.

5- Social conditions and Internet use: One of the consequences of children’s use of the Internet is their early puberty. In the past, we would rarely hear that a child had precocious puberty, which was also linked to heredity. With the passage of time and the widespread use of the Internet, we see many families whose children have faced early puberty. But how can Internet use lead to early puberty? Internet use makes children less active, access to all kinds of information, and conflict between parents and children. The anxiety caused by living in such an environment fuels conflicts between parents and children. Research has shown that the threat to emotional health speeds up puberty, and when children are exposed to family conflicts, they mature earlier.

Factors affecting the prevention of early puberty in girls:

  •      Take vitamin D
  •      Happy family environment
  •      Heavy metal detoxification
  •      Eat foods that contain fiber
  •      Mass consumption of organic fruits and vegetables
  •      Consuming probiotics (these are naturally found in yogurt, sauerkraut, soft cheese, bread dough, and pickles)
  •      Avoid canned foods (bisphenols found in canned foods, like estrogen, cause unwanted breasts, thighs, and hair to develop)


Through conducting the necessary examinations and regular and careful follow-up of the child, the specialist doctor continues treatment until the child reaches normal puberty and then stops it until puberty passes normally. Indeed, parental awareness of the signs of precocious puberty and early and timely referral lead to successful treatment. Injectable ampoules to prevent precocious puberty are also very harmful and their use is not recommended at all. Just like taking medications that may lead to precocious puberty, it is not appropriate at all. Parents should be careful and seek treatment if needed after seeing the initial symptoms.

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