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Nowadays, all teachers are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning in the virtual space. Perhaps at first glance, teaching in the virtual space seems like an easy task, but this does not apply to all subjects and the method of teaching every subject is different. Virtual mathematics instruction is one of the most challenging teachings in online classrooms.

Due to the conceptual nature of math lessons, students cannot be expected to learn math concepts and operations by simply sitting and looking at the pages of a book.

In this case, mathematics teachers must adapt their teaching methods using modern tools and software, and by creating creativity in virtual teaching, they must provide the basis for imparting mathematics concepts and facilitating learning to students.

Mathematics teachers should bear in mind that in face-to-face classes the need to repeat and standardize mathematical concepts, practice and solve sample questions is of particular importance, and in virtual classes these problems must also be taken into account and this requires it. Correct use of tools and technology to present course materials. In the following, we will examine virtual teaching methods for math lessons.

Virtual teaching methods for mathematics

There are different solutions for virtual math education, but what is important for teachers is the effectiveness of these solutions and receiving positive feedback from students.

Among the practical methods of teaching mathematics in the virtual space or via the Internet, the following can be mentioned:

1. Record a training video

Some mathematical concepts are intangible, and understanding this material requires practical examples and even the use of educational tools, so simply teaching this category of material by sending some pictures is not effective.

The best way to teach virtual mathematics is to record a video tutorial. Teachers can teach in front of the camera in the same process they teach in the face-to-face class, writing lessons on the board and using teaching aids.

     To do this, you do not need professional equipment and cameras, you can easily use mobile phone cameras and tripods to stabilize and adjust the camera for training video recording.

While teaching in front of the camera, address your students and call them names, ask them to think to find an answer to the problem, or give them time to solve a problem, then explain the problem and solve it yourself. And note that the length of the recorded video should not be long in order to be easily accessible and shared.

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2. Platforms (educational platforms)

Teaching in virtual space and communicating with students requires an appropriate and secure platform. There are many platforms in this field that provide great assistance to teachers in virtual teaching and provide a suitable space for teacher interaction with students and presentation of course materials.

Among the most useful online educational platforms, we can mention the original Sky room platform

Online educational platforms provide teachers with a wide range of facilities that facilitate teaching in the virtual space, especially virtual teaching of mathematics and science. Among the features of online education platforms, the following can mentioned:

  •      Audio and video communication
  •      Show PDF, PowerPoint, and images as a slideshow
  •      Share notebooks
  •      Share educational files and videos
  •      Play audio and video files
  •      Virtual whiteboard for writing notes or drawing geometric shapes
  •      Take an online test

3. Use educational software

Educational assistance programs are the best option when it is not possible to record and prepare educational files by teachers. In this case, teachers can use visual content such as CD instructional videos of Rahpouyan Danesh, Andisheh, and Loh Danesh, and instructional videos give students the opportunity to learn again and accelerate the learning process.

Also, the need to use educational programs is in line with virtual education, and among these programs, we can mention the Madad educational program, which provides a challenging environment through learning mathematical concepts with games, lesson tests, and creative educational content.

In addition, you can use the Misha and Kosha program for the indirect teaching of new subjects and the institutionalization of the subjects. This software provides happy and engaging educational content and makes the students more and more engaged.

Another tip

Videos and tutorials are always effective tools in teaching students even with all previous solutions and solidifying lesson concepts by repeating important lesson points and providing exercises.

The best educational programs were creative and with new ideas to teach the content of the textbooks, present the lesson material indirectly through games, and create visual and audio appeal, which makes the students interested and more willing, and used to learn the course material.

In the end, it should be noted that sooner or later, distance education or e-learning replaced face-to-face education and found its place in the education system, but with the presence of the Corona virus, the process of learning and teaching in the virtual space suddenly intensified and seized the opportunity from many teachers to adapt with the current circumstances.

Perhaps many teachers are currently looking for virtual and online teaching methods and methods to improve teaching in the virtual space. I hope that reading this article has paved the way for dear teachers to some extent.

Introducing mathematics education software

Holding a classroom in virtual space and teaching online course materials, especially computational courses such as mathematics, requires the use of a combination of software and tutorials.

With the development of e-learning and the virtualization of educational courses, access to all kinds of online education programs has become possible for all teachers. These educational tools provide many facilities and possibilities to teachers and students, paving the way for virtual mathematics education and teaching.

Many teaching aids and videos have released in the field of mathematics education, with which teachers can get ideas for producing audiovisual content.

Misha, Kosha, Keif Aria, Loh Danesh, and Rahpooyan are among the series of tutorials and videos that teachers can use during virtual math teaching. Viewing educational slides, drawing graphs, axis and geometric shapes, the ability to write mathematical formulas and symbols, sharing desktop screen, educational files and videos, highlighting content, presenting assignments and taking tests are among the features that make math education virtual, facilitators and teachers need.

Among the tutorials covering the above, the following can be mentioned:

1. Smart teaching software

Currently, the smart classroom teaching software is one of the most practical online education software, which has made virtual teaching of mathematics very easy by providing many educational facilities and capabilities, and is known as an effective tool for smart classes.

Among the uses and advantages of this software, the following can be mentioned:

  • Create different segments
  • Play multimedia files
  • Ability to use a protractor, junia, ruler, ruler and smartwatch
  • Screen recording
  • Image cropping tool

Drawing and writing with pen, brush, light pen, marker film, engineering pen, and erasing with an eraser The ability to write

• Output slides in different ways, including (image – PowerPoint – pdf – html)

• It should be noted that this program is in exe format. It works on any system without the need for installation.

2. ActivInspire

ActivInspire virtual teaching software is a specialized and advanced software for virtual content production and online teaching, in other words, this software is a smart interactive whiteboard.

This program has proven effective in teaching math lessons that require arithmetic operations, proofs, and good drawing and has been used by many teachers.

Among the advantages and uses of this software, the following can be mentioned:

  •      Share video, audio and PDF files
  •      Having the necessary tools for smart whiteboard such as pen, eraser, highlighter…
  •      The ability to change the size and color of the pen
  •      Create a new dashboard page
  •      Output whiteboard pages in PDF format
  •      Ability to use pen tools and … in an area outside of the whiteboard screen (possibility of recording and filming from the desktop) Ability to write on the whiteboard
  •      Add photos and video content to the whiteboard
  •      Easy and free access is available to this software, the mentioned items were only part of the features of this software, while working with ActivInspire software, you will find more features of this group.

3. Educational software

Educreations is an interactive smart whiteboard and screencast tool that comes with many attractions. It is a practical and great program for conceptual learning.

Among the most important advantages of this program:

  •      Record and playback of voice, handwriting, and drawing geometric shapes
  •      Change the color and size of the written text
  •      Move images and text around by clicking and dragging while recording
  •      The ability to edit any errors using the built-in video editor
  •      Create and manage classes
  •      Share learning materials with students

Introducing mathematics education software over the phone

Many online mathematics teaching software designed for smartphones, which provide students and teachers with various capabilities such as solving problems, creating homework, writing mathematical symbols and formulas, and drawing geometric shapes, which can implemented on the operating system. and iOS.

Among these programs, the following mentioned:

  •      Math editor
  •      Math pictures
  •      Khan Academy
  •      engineering plate
  •      Mathematics Moss

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