What makes a child beautiful? (10 foods and 5 tricks)

The ancients believed that everything a pregnant woman saw, tasted, heard and touched affected her child. But is this belief true? The answer is no!

The truth is that believing in these superstitions can be very misleading and affect how a mother relates to her baby in the first few days or weeks after birth.

Although some traditions hold that what expectant mothers go through can affect the development of the fetus, this is not the case with physical appearance. The appearance of your child determine the genes that are passed on from you and your spouse.

A child’s genes determine all of his physical traits, from the color of his skin, hair, and nose to his height when he reaches adulthood. Therefore, limited things you can do to change the appearance and features of your child.

However, choosing the right diet during pregnancy can also play a role in the beauty and health of the fetus, which we describe in the next section.

What are the foods that help make the baby beautiful during pregnancy?

Some of the foods that help make babies more beautiful are:

  •      Almonds: Eating this food not only strengthens the baby’s muscles but also brightens his complexion.
  •      Eggs: Eating this food (especially in the second trimester of pregnancy) brightens the skin of the fetus and helps its health.
  •      Folic Acid: Taking this supplement during pregnancy is not only important for the formation of the baby’s brain cells, but it can also help in the beauty of the skin and hair of the fetus.
  •      Oranges: Eating fruits that contain vitamin C, including oranges, during pregnancy can help in the beauty and health of your baby.
  •      To: they highly recommend eating this fruit during pregnancy because in addition to making the fetus smarter and strengthening the heart, it also helps in its beauty.
  •      Butter: Eating fats like melted butter during pregnancy can help make the baby’s skin bright and shiny.
  •      Fruits: Eating fruits like pears, pomegranates, peaches, melons, and apples also has a great impact in maintaining the health and beauty of your baby.

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Factors affecting the appearance of newborns after birth

Newborn babies often look different. This is because the presence of the baby in the womb and the birth affects the shape of the baby. Changes in the look and feel of some newborns may be due to:

  •      One of the things that cause a change in the shape of the baby’s head is the conical, smooth or uneven shape of the baby’s head during childbirth. In fact, pressure in the birth canal causes the bones of the fetal head to slide over each other, in other words, they compressed to fit into the narrow birth canal.
  •      Sometimes the way the fetus is positioned in the mother’s womb causes a deformity of the baby’s feet, for example, making them look like braces. These abnormalities usually correct gradually and are nothing to worry about. Otherwise, it is better to consult a pediatrician.
  •      Sometimes the baby’s soft nasal bones compressed due to passing through the narrow birth canal and the baby’s nose looks swollen.

Another effect

All these effects of pregnancy and childbirth are temporary and completely disappear after two years. Some people use the following traditional methods to change the appearance of children:

  •      Head deformity correction: By changing the position of the baby’s head during sleep (from left to right or vice versa), the flatness of his head correct. Try placing the rounded part of the back of the head on the mat. You can also use baby head shaper hats designed to change the shape of his head.
  •      Shaping the nose: Some people gently press on the baby’s nose to shape it (note that most doctors believe that this leads to the possibility of bleeding inside the nose and damage to the cartilage of the baby’s nose, therefore it is not recommended!)
  •      Getting rid of unwanted body hair: Babies’ body hair usually disappears on its own by the age of four months, but if you are in a hurry, you can apply natural olive oil to his body and gently massage it twice a day.
  •      Correcting the position of the legs: In this case, massage therapy methods used to straighten the children’s legs.

Note that the use of some of the old and traditional methods of baby beautification has not scientifically proven and even if they are done excessively or very risky. So the best thing you can do is be patient and allow your child to grow until his appearance flaws disappear over time.


It goes without saying that some physical characteristics that are determined by genes can also be affected by the environment. But this only applies to things like height and skin tone, which can change under the influence of diet and exposure to direct sunlight. But the appearance and general physical condition of your child determine genes long before he is born.

To have a healthy baby, try to lead a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy is the key to having a healthy baby. Eat healthy, exercise gently, and keep your stress levels to a minimum. By following these tips, you will most likely realize that you have the most beautiful baby in the world!

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